TKA Farms

Welcome to the fledgling TKA Farms website

TKA Farms is a new company, but its founders have ~15 years farming experience.

TKA Farms is seeking investors to help it achieve the following goals:

Phase 1:

Purchase a unique Ontario agri-business. The existing business has been family owned & operated for three generations. This purchase would not only give us the business and its buildings, but also 100 ac and a 4-bdrm home, plus farming equipment. A four year average of finances, shows gross income of $600K/annum.

We are offering preferred shares, at $1/share, with a projected 3.5%/annum dividend. Shares are available in lots of 1000, with each lot giving the holder 1 vote at the AGM (Annual General Meeting). We will also be seeking 2-5 additional board members, voted-in from amongst the shareholders. Dividends will be disbursed after the AGM.

We need to raise a minimum of $500K, in order to move forward with our offer to purchase. A total of $2M is needed in order to complete the acquisition.

Phase 2:

Purchase farmland to help encourage a new generation of farmers. This phase is still under development, to best achieve financial sustainability.

We look forward to you becoming a member of our company and would appreciate hearing from you, in helping us achieve our goals. Contact information can be found below.

Thank you for your considerations, sincerely,
TKA Farms
Per Jonathon Roulston
& Michael Genereux

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